Is Jesus in your Floor Pattern?

Some people see Jesus everywhere. Even in Las Vegas. Right underneath their feet.

Adapted from Finding Christ in the Kitchen
- Jeff Pope, Las Vegas Sun

[One] West Valley woman says she has had the likeness of Jesus in every one of her kitchen tiles for eight years.

Antonia Baker saw the image in the floor of her Lakes home for the first time three years ago during the Christmas season while she was recovering from surgery for an eye injury. Doctors said she had to keep her head down to allow her retina to heal. She wasn't allowed to read or use the computer, so she had to stare at the floor for three weeks.

That much concentration led her to see an image that had always been in the 13-by-13-inch ceramic tiles, but had never been recognized.

The image of Jesus from the waist up and facing to the left is the same in every tile, so it likely was made during manufacturing, she said. Baker bought the tiles about eight years ago from a shop that is no longer in business. However, it's possible others purchased the same tile and could be walking on Jesus too.

Baker said she doesn't want to make a big deal out of the image or turn her house into a shrine.

She attempted to sell a couple of spare tiles on eBay, but pulled them off after one man, who offered $100 for one, made too many demands to complete the deal.

While I am happy that this woman found comfort in her flooring, I’m not convinced it is Jesus. (Plus I’m frustrated that I can’t see the image.) We will chalk this one up to Hype.


David Lamar Wheeler said...

What the devil is this woman seeing? I've been staring at this for quite some time now. I'm afrad this might keep me up all night.

Birgit said...

That looks more like the Gorton's Fisherman to me.

Colin Mansfield said...

It's actually more like a rorschach test. Can't see Jesus? How does that mirror your life?

Diggin' the new blog Captain!

Anonymous said...

I see Jesus! He's in that little picture she's holding up at the bottom of the tile!

Chad Estes said...

You are right! I can see it now, Mike! Amazing!

Unknown said...

I see Jesus! But the image isn't in that little red circle. He's much bigger than that. :)

Brook said...

Like Marla, I too see Jesus. Maybe it's a woman thing. Anyway, I've attached a link where I made Him glow.

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