Jesus Wants You to Eat Monkeys

A woman, Mamie Manneh (whom I would make my friend just because I like her name) is in trouble with a New York Judge by the name of Raymond Dearie (everybody loves him).

Mamie made trouble for herself when she smuggled monkey meat with her on an international flight to Kennedy Airport from her home country of Liberia.

Her lawyers tried to argue that eating monkey was a part of her religion, a sect of Christianity. Huh? Maybe this is what Jesus was referring to when he said, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” (John 4:32)

Judge Dearie would have none of it. He sentenced Mamie to 5 years in prison and possible deportation.

What would you smuggle for Jesus?


Char said...

Oh oh oh! Chad... this one this one!!

Anonymous said...

I would smuggle an olive green breadbox. Inside that breadbox would be a box of Wheat Thins. Inside that box of Wheat Thins would be a Hall & Oates CD case. Inside that CD case would be a single square of Charmin Extra Soft 2-ply bathroom tissue.

Why would I do this? The squirrel told me to.

Chad Estes said...

Funny, Mike. I was just thinking about Hall and Oates yesterday wondering if they would make a reunion tour someday.

(ps. don't listen to the Squirrel. He's nuts!)

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