Jesus will Stop the Alien Abductions

Stephen Yulish by his own admission has always been interested in UFOs. He shares on his website that he was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. I have no idea what any of those letters mean, nor did I know there was a project behind the bluebook.

He explains that he became interested in the Bible Prophecy after he had “a head-on collision with Jesus Christ in 1988.” I wish he had described the incident in more detail because I have vivid pictures in my mind of that wreck.

He currently writes for UFO periodicals. This statement again begs questions. Is he writing for journals about UFO’s, or is Mr. Yulish actually authoring stories for aliens’ periodicals? His other favorite pastime on his earth-bound days is writing about End Time scenarios. Today’s offering was a new article for the UFO Digest (it’s none of your business what I was doing on their web site- honestly, it was just research). He explains in this writing and with links to other of his opinions that extraterrestrials tremble at the name of Jesus (and not because of his driving skills). He says that the aliens are actually fallen angels and that the way to stop them from abducting you is to invoke Jesus’ name.

He backs this up with several scriptures taken out of context and references to conversations he had with German, Nazi scientists. I kid you not.

Another JoS (Jesus or Squirrel) vote for Religion. It may be a spaced-out form of belief, but it is certainly fervent.


Amanda Carranza-Ballew said...

What a nut-case.

You're funny Chad, thanks for making me laugh. :)

Chad Estes said...

Amanda, I am glad that you think that I'm funny, but I wish you hadn't called me a nut-case. That kind of hurt my feelings. ;-)

You are kind to read my blog rants!

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