Oral Roberts and His Friends

The reason that some of these stories are credited to Oral Roberts and His Friends (which inlcude pastors, prophets, preachers, teachers, reverands, bishops, evangelists, missionaries and the Pope) is because they often speak as if they are the mouthpiece of Jesus but don't actually speak his words, or sometimes when they do they are out of context with his heart. Why pick on Oral Roberts? Because he created a 900 foot Jesus and proceeded to manipulate the media masses.
1977: Roberts said he had received a vision from God telling him to build the City of Faith. He later claimed to have seen a 900- foot-tall Jesus who told him that the vision would soon be realized and that the hospital would be a success. The City of Faith opened in 1981.

1983: Roberts announced that Jesus had appeared to him in person and commissioned him to find a cure for cancer (Time, July 4, 1983).

Media Spotlight says there has been no cure for cancer found at the Oral Roberts University or anywhere else.

1986: Roberts said God had told him, "I want you to use the ORU medical school to put My medical presence in the earth. I want you to get this going in one year or I will call you home. It will cost $8 million and I want you to believe you can raise it." (Abundant Life, Jan./Feb. 1987)

January 1987: Roberts said God had told him he had not sent out any medical missionaries. In order for him to do that, he had to raise $8 million by March 1 or God would take him home. Roberts said the money would be used to provide full scholarships for medical missionaries who would be sent to Third World countries. He made the appeal in his TV program "Expect a Miracle" of January 4, 1987. He said $3.5 million had been raised and all he needed was $4.5 million before March 1 that year.

April 1, 1987: Roberts announced that he had raised $9.1 million--$1.1 million more than needed. Of the money raised, $1.3 million was given by a dog track owner [which, like horse racing, is a gambling center], Jerry Collins.

November 1987: Roberts announced that the City of Faith medical clinic will close in three months.

January 1988: Roberts canceled the university's free medical tuition program despite his claim that God had told him to make the medical school a world outreach program.

March 1988: The medical scholarship fund went bankrupt. Students were required to repay scholarship funds at 18 percent annual interest if they transferred to another school rather than stay at ORU medical school and start paying the high tuition.

September 1989: Roberts decided to close the medical school and the City of Faith hospital to pay off debts.
So was it a giant Jesus or not? I have to go with Oral Roberts and his empire on this one. Big time.