Randall's Holier than You

So my friend Randall sent me this picture because he says he can see Jesus in the Tile. Which sort of makes me happy for Randall, ensuring his salvation, but kind of makes me jealous too. This means that Randall searched the tile all day long to find God while I was searching the internet for Squirrel stories.

Fine. I'll post Randall's holiness tile, but I won't create a category just for him. For now.


Yellow Rose said...

If Randall starts loitering in the local floor covering shop and states that he is "just looking"...will someone be available to go rescue him and apply electric shock therapy?

Colin Mansfield said...

Well dang.
Does Floor-Tile-Jesus give forgiveness for ignorance?

randall said...

Yayyy, my salvation has finally been ensured!!! Here and I thought I'd have to do that whole altar call and water dunking thing. Squirrels, did somebody say squirrels? Yummy.

Char said...

I have one word for Randall, if he is wise enough to hear it.


Anonymous said...

That little red circle seems to be highlighting a small 'Jesus' image. It needs to be expanded from its current location to circle the larger 'Jesus' image that is directly to the right and approximately twice the height of the current circle.

Why am I even mentioning this silliness? Who knows. I once posted an image of Jesus on Toast on my sight as one of those Huh? moments and that silly post gets more hits than any of my others. Its simply mind boggling.

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