End Time Tunnel Vision

According the to Billy Graham Association this year they will focus on the return of Jesus Christ and help prepare believers for life in the last days.

On Christianpost.com they reported the following:
"People ask me, 'Do you really believe that Jesus Christ is going to come back to this earth again?'" writes the Rev. Billy Graham in one of the several resources that the ministry is providing on the End Times.

"Yes, I do,” he continues. “The Bible teaches that Jesus is coming again. And I don’t see any other hope, because we’re heading toward a catastrophe in our world."

As part of its effort, the ministry has compiled a number of End Times resources including a message delivered by Graham in 1998, a 2008 message from BGEA president and CEO Franklin Graham, an article adapted from a message delivered by Anne Graham Lotz in 1996, an End Times article on the basics of the Second Coming, and a couple of Q&As with Billy Graham that includes a question on whether the world will end in 2009.

“The most important question, however, is this: Are you ready for Christ's return?” Graham writes after offering his response.
Seriously? This is the most important question for the Body of Christ today? I look at the results of this kind of fear-based evangelism and hold it up against what I see in Jesus’ pursuit of others. They don’t match. In fact I think the styles clash pretty bad.


Char said...

Whoa! Are you dissin' Billy Graham? For reals??

*Char shakes her head in wonderment*

Anonymous said...

hmn..when I'm asked Are you ready for Jesus to come what comes to mind is YES...He is the Solution to every problem and this world does have a few. And No...too many people I love have not been caught...yet

Chad Estes said...

I do understand your point, Anonymous, but I also know the fruit of growing up in denominations that spent too much time worrying about tomorrow and not enough time learning to live in Jesus Kingdom now. And though I am sensitive to the understanding that some close to you haven't been "caught" yet, I don't think scaring them into the Kingdom boat is very loving. I don't see Jesus doing it...

What do you think?

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