Too Many Christian Idols

On the first round of the latest elimination level on American Idol, where 24 of the 36 hopeful singers are voted back into obscurity, two of the three survivors from the first group of 12 are Christian worship leaders at their home churches. This might be a good sign for the next group as well but there is a problem, there are only three spots up for grabs and at least four professing Christians. The same predicament will happen the next week as four more Christians will rely on Americans to vote them into the final twelve.

Will we end up with a new set of Disciples? Will we have a hymn night or a visit from Michael W. Smith? It's highly doubtful. Sources tell me that though Jesus does not shun all television he certainly does not watch any program with Idol in the title.

Here is the rundown for you Christian Idol fans, thanks to the research and reporting of Joanne Brokaw:

Mishovanna Henson - attends South Coast Christian Assembly in San Juan Capistrano, California. In 2008, she took First Place in the Female Vocal Solo Category at the 2008 Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival.

Kai Kalama - the bio for the band OffWhite, in which Kai performed with his brother Ryan, says, "Mom taught them to sing via the church choir."

Kris Allen - has been working with the worship ministry at New Life Church in Conway and Little Rock campuses since 2007. He is also involved with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at the University of Central Arkansas.

Matt Giraud - played drums at his church; has released two indie Christian music CDs

Felicia Barton - leads worship at Freedom Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA

Lil Rounds - I've heard she sings at the Christ Community Church in Memphis, but I haven't gotten that confirmed yet.

Kristen McNamara - she's a professing Christian

Scott MacIntyre - attends Scottsdale Bible Church, where he regularly performs; has appeared on the Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power; performs with the Gospel quarter, The MacIntyre Family Singers

Danny Gokey - music teacher at Faithbuilders International at Milwaukee

Michael Sarver - leads a worship and praise team at Harvest Church in Jasper, TX and was once a lead singer at Victory Christian Center in Houston

I hadn't initially assigned a JoS vote to anyone for this post. However, after receiving an email from an authority closely monitoring this situation I have changed my mind. She described the Christians on Idol as "hyped up squirrels. Good enough for me!