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Chris Russo, from Long Island, New York, is a self-proclaimed virgin. Everything he knows about sex is what he has seen in movies (so it may be significant) or read in his Christian premarital counseling books while in college (which may be biased). Actually I have no idea what he knows about sex other than this quote that he mentions in a recent blog article.
"In more recent studies, Dr. Paul Wallin and Dr. Alexander Clark concluded that probably no more than 15 percent of women depend upon a fully satisfying sex life."... Years of counseling predominantly Christian couples have convinced me that Christian men and women experience a higher degree of orgasmic enjoyment than non-Christians. This was confirmed by Dr. Herbert J. Miles, a counselor for over twenty years who made a detailed survey of 151 Christian couples. ...Our own survey... was of a much wider age spread, covered various stages of Christian maturity, and concerned people who had undergone little or no premarital counseling."

--from The Act of Marriage: the Beauty of Sexual Love by Tim and Beverley LaHaye.
Here is Chris’ opinion:
Granted, I have reasons to doubt these figures, based first on the fact that these surveys were done in the sixties and seventies, and secondly on suspicions regarding the LaHaye survey methodology. And, being a virgin, I am unqualified to speak one way or another in this regard. But for argument's sake, let's assume that all this is accurate. If these figures are true... Why are Christians not advertising this more?! Can't you see the evangelistic possibilities?
I think he may be on to something here. Everyone knows sex sells. Isn’t this a better hook to get people saved than the fear of hell?

p.s. My wife and I were given this book as a wedding gift.

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Brandon said...

My wife and I were forced to read this book BEFORE we got married, as a requirement during our marriage counseling. I don't think we ever finished it, but don't tell my former pastor lol.

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