Fat, Friar Tuck, Angel Bartenders

Some of you will get excited about this and want to go see this guy first hand and become a part of his merry little band. Others will be annoyed, perturbed, maybe even downright angry. Some will just laugh out loud and forward this link to others. I leave it up to you.

Whatever your thoughts or feelings, I think it is a clear JoS vote for Oral Roberts and his friends. "Get whacked, stay whacked, never go back."

(Thanks to Matthew Paul Turner for the video)


Justin said...

I went to a church for a long time that would have been very comfortable having this guy speak there. There was a lot of very real manifestation of Godly presence and miracle working power, because the people were open to it. There was also a lot of hyper emotionalism that was trying to be the manifest presence of God. In the Old Testament the Shekina (sp?) glory of God was so powerful the the priests and musicians could no longer minister under it's weight, and this was Old Testament. So, this guy looks like a nut, and his doctrine is a little spotty, but it's hard to judge what God may or may not be doing w/ out actually being there. At least in my experience.

Anonymous said...

I was confused as to if there was some farm animals in the audience he was trying to communicate with, and I don't mean this metaphorically. It sounded like he was talking to pigs with the "Oi, oi, oi."

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than demonic stuff.

Matthew Townend said...

This is definetely God. It's consistant with the gospel, but not with a law-based mentality. :)

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