Christian Neighbor or Christian Excuses?

A church in Albuquerque, New Mexico shares a strip mall with a tattoo parlor, just not very nicely.

Nicole Vawter, the owner of the Derma Dome Tattoo Parlor says that the noise from the church band is so loud, it knocks things off the wall.

"Basic problem is, a lot of the noise they have their equipment set right against my wall and they play it loud," she said.

Cindy Guajardo of Calles de Oro Christian Church says the noise is just part of their services.

"They've been complaining about the noise that we've been having. What we do is just worshipping the lord," she said.

What? Consideration for neighbors isn’t necessary when you are worshipping? Isn’t that like saying, “Sorry, but that noise ordinance doesn’t apply to us ‘cause we’re singing to Jesus. We have a spiritual loophole!”

But the irritation has gone both ways. The Church goers say they have been intimidated by the tattoo parlor owners. "Our kids are scared of him. We are scared of him. We can't be comfortable while church is going on," said Guajard.

What? One inked individual is intimidating the whole church? How about some creative reconciliation?

The church could invite the tattoo parlor manager to become the new worship team drummer, and the youth in the church could all get the Christian tattoos that we know they all want.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. – Romans 12:18


Justin said...

The entire congregation needs to apologize that tattoo parlor and take a love offering for the guy. Then the pastor needs to take him out for a good steak dinner and beer. They are acting like a bunch of spoiled teenagers. I hope the physical presence of of God descends in one of those worship services and spanks them like the bunch of spoiled brats they are acting like.

Matt said...

Yet another "our meeting and order of service" is so important that it doesn't matter what fruit is coming out or if we are loving our neighbor in that moment. I agree with Justin. Love the guy..heck I would go in for another tattoo and by the guy lunch. What is the scripture in Isaiah where it says "I hate your songs, shows and festivals" because of the lack of love and bad fruit (very paraphrased).

Anonymous said...

I've learned that "Christians" are the least caring or considerate people you'll ever meet - with very few exceptions.

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