Do You Have A Demon?

I was recently pointed to a resource by someone who was trying to set me straight about demon possession. I appreciated their concern, but became highly entertained when I went to the website they suggested. Bob Larson has been chasing demons out and around people for years, hawking his services and his wares for a pretty penny over the religious airwaves. I remember listening when I was in Jr. High, believing with my gentle heart that we must partner with Bob as he emphatically requested or the lost would not find their way back from the clutches of Satan.

On his website I found the same desperate plea for funding, the likes of which took up at least a third of his radio program back in the day. Now I found a 21 question questionnaire, that if answered will tell me whether or not I have issues with demons. My results showed that I am at low risk for demonic oppression/possession but Bob still had some some help for me. He suggested that I get some of his resources so that I could be free, all for the low, low price of $386.73.


co_heir said...

Is this the same Bob Larson that told us all about the evils of rock n' roll a few years back? :)

Hopes Ideas & Salvation said...

This guy is really weird and I live in Africa!

Chad Estes said...

LOL, hopes!

Co heir, Yes, I believe he is one and the same.

Brandon said...

I remember listening to this guy back in jr. high/high school as well. Even went to one of his conferences when he came to town. Now I just look back and laugh at myself.

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