Kirk Cameron Uses Questionable Humor

TV co-hosts Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have released a humorous video clip onto the Internet that they hope will become viral. Comfort says, "The clip is only 26 seconds long but is guaranteed to make anyone laugh who has the slightest sense of humor."

Well, The Squirrel smiled, but he didn't come close to laughing. He was actually more annoyed than anything. Kirk should have made a commercial like Jack. His new menopause ad had The Squirrel in tears.


Char said...

Wow that first vid is just... so not funny. Too bad Kirk doesn't understand that that is how many people (you know, the"lost") feel they are treated by those who are trying to evangelize them.

I talked to a guy recently who said that the the church is all wrong about how they evangelize. I was all on board with him until he started saying how it is important to make people realize that they are sinners in the hand of an angry God first. He said we soften the Gospel by not making people realize how bad they are before we offer them the hope of Salvation.

What?? Mmmmkay.

Most of the "lost" people I know already realize how bad they are and are holding out for mercy... Somebody needs to email Kirk and let him know this before it is too late.

*Heads off to Jack's place before it it too late*

David Lamar Wheeler said...

You got me here with "questionable humor," but how sad I was to find that the question was, "is this even funny?"

I'm also sad to find that my personal hero, Kirky, thinks that I don't have a sense of humor at all.

Nathan said...

oh my, I just love Jack. Kirk not so much. So whatever happened to Jack and his little accident. I saw the one where he was in surgery and that was it. Did they drop that campaign?

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