Prophet has Revelation Figured Out

Although the Church of God has not been accustomed to having a prophet for nearly 1900 years, God made Ronald Weinland a prophet in 1997. It says so on his website.

As Weinland explains, the apostle John was given the task of recording prophetic events reserved for revelation at this end-time, and he states that he has been given the task of revealing the truth about those things John wrote. As John wrote, God explained to him that the meaning of what he was writing would not be revealed until the time came to unseal the Seven Seals of Revelation, six of which have already been opened. The year 2008 has witnessed many prophecies being fulfilled, especially the Seven Thunders of the Book of Revelation. Those thunders, which will continue to increase in strength and frequency, are revealed in Weinland’s book, “2008-God's Final Witness” as well as detailed accounts of the final three and one-half years of man's self-rule on earth, which are recorded in the account of the Seventh Seal of Revelation.

As these events unfold, the world will increasingly become aware of the authenticity of the words in this book and realize that Ronald Weinland has been sent by God as His end-time prophet. Because that is what the purpose of all these prophesies are, right? They are to validate Ronald Weiland and his ministry.

It says on his site: “Unlike The Da Vinci Code or the Left Behind series, which are fiction, 2008-God's Final Witness is true and reveals hidden secrets that man has not been able to uncover for thousands of years.”

Kooks like this make sites like mine way too easy.


Shark Bait said...

So many sarcastic comments.
So little time.


P.S. Love the site.

Chad Estes said...

Thanks, SB. Feel free to swim in these waters anytime.

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