The Cussing Pastor or the Driving Dufus?

Actually, Ed what some of us watching your video are thinking is this:

“I can’t believe you are doing this! You’re a pastor, who communicates to people. The head of Fellowship Church…”

“Who cares if a lot of young leaders are using words like "sucks, and screwed and hell and damn." What some of us think is that this little rant of yours is just an attempt to “be cool” - the same motivation you accuse them of with their filthy language.”

Yes, we do have the opportunity to communicate the joy, the mystery of the Gospel of Christ, but it sure isn’t rules about what words you can and can’t say, or do you have an approved list somewhere on your blog?

You say we aren’t taking the time to think through how we need to communicate? How about not using enough common sense to shoot a video while driving your car? You don’t want to offend me with your language? You’ve offended me with your video.

Sticks and stones may break bones, words may inflict wounds, and your inattentive driving may kill people.

Be careful, that’s what I’m saying. Be wise as a serpent, Ed, and harmless as a dove.


Jon Reid said...

My favorite part is when he uses both hands to make "quotes" in the air.

bob wilson said...

And bringing a tank on stage during a Sunday morning worship service...that didn't have anything to do with trying to be cool right?

Brad Gartman said...

pot calling kettle black

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