Tired of an Unplugged Jesus?

From the book, God.com by James Langteaux
"But can it be that this powerless figure has been poorly portrayed by those in the seats of religious power? Those in power wish to remain in power, and if real power threatens their control, then maybe the power itself has to go.

Since real power cannot be contained, controlled, or created, it is a frightening thing to purvey to a people in need. What if it is too much, not enough, not on time, or out of line? Power is a dangerous force. In cannot be forced or coerced.

True power from on high is power that will electrify, and when it is present, you cannot stand by unaffected. It’s electric; its divine; and it is always right on time. Never early, ever late. Our God sometimes wants to make us wait. It is all about Him and not about us. It’s all about His power and our willingness to trust.

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to lose my religion if it means saying good-bye to empty rituals and fading icons that say, “I can’t.” I don’t want leaders, teachers, preachers, or anyone else selling me a version of God that is anything less than He really is.

What if the real Jesus, the God we never knew, was always there and always true? What if we’ve been kept in the dark while we listened to the right, and the left, and the religious bark? Like the carnies that roll into town to get what they can while they shake us all down. They use colorful lights on fast-spinning rides; they sell us tickets and junk food and sugar spun wide. We shouldn’t be shocked, amazed or surprised. When the power hits, the looters will thrive.

Chaos rules when darkness falls. And God won’t fit in man-made walls. The games we’ve played in Jesus’ name are rigged and bogus, and the prize is lame. An unplugged Jesus, plastic and small, that looks like junk on anyone’s wall. I want my money back. Keep your religious bric-a-brac. We’re all sick of this obvious, powerless, con.


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