Baptist Preacher Prays For President's Death

Southern Baptist Pastor Wiley Drake was just named the "World's Worst Person" by MSNBC correspondent, Keith Olbermann. What would make this reporter so indignant against a man of the cloth? How about because he publicly has made it known that he is praying for President Barack Obama to die.

Here's more of the story from the Orange County Registrar.
Drake said he has prayed for Obama's death, though "98 percent everything I pray about him is very positive."

However Drake also said he's directed to pray for ill against his enemies by Psalm 109, which asks for punishment for evildoers, and even considers such prayers a "duty."

"If anybody has a problem with the prayer we're praying, they need to take it up with the man who wrote it, because it's not me," Drake said.
The Squirrel agrees with Keith.