God Sent a Tornado to Warn Lutherans

John Piper, a well known theologian and senior pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota, blogged that this week’s tornado in Minneapolis was a result of the discussion about homosexuality at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's national convention in Minneapolis. The tornado damaged the steeple of a local, Lutheran church near the convention center where the ELCA was meeting.

On Piper’s blog he knits together the weather, the timing, history and scripture to conclude that God was warning the ELCA away from the approval of sin. You can read his full apologetic here.

This kind of pronouncement makes one remember when Pat Robertson said the hurricanes in Louisiana were God’s judgment against sexually-loose New Orleans (God must have sent Rita when Katrina didn’t do enough damage with the first strike), and when Jerry Falwell said the 9/11 disaster was the fault of pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians.

Groups within the ELCA tried to spin the weather phenomenon to their own point of view on the debate- either as God’s anger or the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit.

All I can says is God help the fat Baptists the next time they gather for an accord, and the gossiping Pentecostals at their next convention. Maybe all of our major denominations should consider hiring for the role of prophetic meteorologist.

Then on second thought, didn’t Jesus already make a final, public statement regarding sin from the cross (which also included a freakish weather storm)? Is the sign he hangs in the sky one of judgment or one of promise? Just asking.


Adrienne said...

Are most people pretty sure they've got God figured out? Because he seems rather omniscient and wide-ranging to me.

Austen said...

Awesome post, Chad. Every time I read the weather "spins" of judgement by preachers, I am shocked. One might think I would come to expect it... The choices some preachers make about which natural events are judgement induced are so arbitrary and unbiblical that I always expect reason to set in.
(Ms_Austen on Twitter)

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