White folk getting ready to rise up

Pastor James David Manning, the chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City.

[1:45]You all gonna push these white folks till they can’t take it no mo. I’m tellin ya! You fool around here with Obama? You gonna let this long-legged Mac daddy push these white folk- they gonna come up out of Tennessee, come up out of Oklahoma, come up out of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, come up out of Oregon, and come out of Idaho, California. I’m tellin ya all! You pushing these white folk and your pushing em. Your long-legged Mac daddy pushing em and pushing em and pushing em…

[2:44]White folk getting ready to rise up, they don’t want to take it no mo and I’m joining them, dog-gone-it! I am!

[3:40]You better find a way to either get rid of Obama or these folk are gonna rise up at the sound of a bird.

[4:21]To be on this nation and then have it given away, just given away, just thrown away, just given away by a long-legged, half breed, usurper, illegal alien, a man who isn’t even a citizen and everybody in the congress knows he’s not a citizen… White folk are ready to riot and they should be! They should be!

[5:29]Patriotic Americans ought to have an individual apology from everyone of these persons that I just named that have allowed this long-legged Mac daddy, this two-tongued liar, this quasi-Muslim, socialist, communist, Marxist freak called Barack Hussein Obama, allow he to get to where he’s at. And then we going to need to go into 40 days of prayer. We need to out pray the Muslims Ramadan.

[6:40] You go ahead. Ya, go ahead with your bad self. Go ahead with your long-legged Mac daddy worshipping yourself. Go ahead! Go ahead! You freak. You homosexual. You man-lover.

[7:23] White folk aint gonna take it no mo and thank God!

[7:45] I’m praying for their success and I hope they’ll let me join them. I do. I do.

[8:26] Plus he’s a vile homosexual. Fell in love with Larry St. Claire. They had a steamy love affair. (Singing) Obama and Larry St. Claire had a steamy love affair. Obama and Larry St. Claire had a steamy love affair. Larry looked into the eyes of Obama, the Mac daddy, and he put a spell on Obama, the Mac daddy. Obama said to Larry, “Oh you’re just my style and my kind. Woah you look like just what I wanta, my man/woman and half whatever look to look like. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes.” Obama and Larry St. Claire had a steamy love affair in the back of a limo and then at the, the ah, at the Holiday Inn, they had a steamy love affair.

Personally, what this white man can't take anymore is this kind of religious garbage, but I have to admit that I laughed throughout this video at Pastor Manning's absurdity. Does he really think that he is representing God? If so, then that is scary!


Amy Andrews said...

Please tell me he's joking!

craig booze said...

i agree with this guy we need to do somethin TWO of my jobs have been taken from me from the mexicans and i live in oklahoma

Pyramid said...

This son of a bitch is too wild.

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