How to Evangelize a Bear

A priest, a minister and a rabbi all want to see who's best at his job. They go into the woods to each find a bear and try to convert it to their particular religion.

Later, they gather back together. The priest says, "When I found the bear, I read to him from the Catechism and sprinkled him with holy water."

And the minister says, "I found a bear by the stream. I preached God's holy word to him. The bear was so mesmerized that he let me baptize him."

And they both looked down at the rabbi, who's laying on a gurney in a body cast. And they said, "What happened?"

And the rabbi said, "I never should have started with the circumcision..."

The New Role Model for Christian Lawyers

From a press release:
Today FRC Action, the legislative lobbying arm of Family Research Council, announced that former Miss California Carrie Prejean will appear at FRC Action's fourth annual Values Voter Summit. Ms. Prejean gained national prominence when she defended traditionalone-man, one-woman marriage at the Miss USA Pageant. Ms. Prejean will speak about her experiences over the last year as she has become a role model.

Really? For what?-saying that it was God's plan for her to give up the Miss California crown and then later deciding to sue the pageant? No wonder she is linking up with the lawyers. Great doublespeak.

This Pastor Hates The President