Can Christians say the F Word?

A tattooed blogger from Portland, Oregon named Pam had the audacity to suggest in her blog that sometimes Christians may need to need emote a curse word in order to really get to the core of their cause.
Authenticity has become a well-worn word. And also transparency, realness, honesty, and the almighty F bomb...F*ck. Yes. Just about every angsty, disaffected Christ follower I meet ends up reaching deep down into their vocabulary bag as they search for the right words to describe their divorce from traditional church. The F word, apparently, is just the right word to say outloud with emotive force what has been pent up and brewing for years, and even decades, for some folks.

The F word has unwittingly become the rebel yell for those men and women who find themselves at odds with church culture. Outlaws and sailors need to make room for disillusioned Jesus Freaks to grab an F bomb and hurl it at the stained-glass. windows
Are you serious, Pam? Do you really think that a writer who was truly full of the Holy Spirit would be so angry at religiosity that they would hurl an offensive comment to someone else? It's not like the Apostle Paul ever got so angry at the legalists that he told them to go cut off their balls. Oh wait...

Well it's not like Jesus ever got so mad that in the temple that he ever through a tantrum, yelling at people and throwing their belongings around. Oh wait...

Crap. Maybe we sometimes forget what actually makes Jesus upset.


Sue said...

This world is getting so bloody irritating and freaky and fucked up that what other fucking word are you gonna use?


Can Opener Boy said...

Oooo -- you said "crap". I'm telling Jesus!

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