Jesus gave us the name of the Anti-Christ – Barack Obama

The Squirrel just shakes his furry, little head in dismay at those people who give this kind of Bible study a second, deranged thought.


David Lamar Wheeler said...

This video scares me. And not because of what has been raked together from various, unrelated, out-of-context scriptures, but because someone would take the time to string so many disconnected ideas together to take down the name of someone else.

Anonymous said...

Most scholars believe the anti-christ will be Roman, or Jewish, or possibly both. Obama doesn't seem to fall into those categories (because, haven't you heard? He's a Muslim! [I'm being sarcastic, in case it doesn't come through the text]). This is like Bible Code nonsense. It's sad that some people go to such great lengths to twist Scripture to support their daft beliefs.

The idea that the Bible points to Obama as the anti-christ, based on Luke 10:18 using the word "lightning" is laughable. I'm sure Luke wasn't simply just using imagery. The Bible doesn't have ANY of that in it.


Anonymous said...

Are you all daft? Are you so in love with your opinions that you can't even let truth stand as it is? Of course the man is not THE antichrist. However, he is clearly(at least for rationally thinking Christians) AN anti-christ.
Now, the word study is clear and correct. You have it right in front of you that those are the pronunciations to the words. If you don't believe it, go search it out on your computer!
"Lightning from the heights" is pronounced "Baraq o' baw maw". No, Jesus did not say that Obama is the man of lawlesssness himself. The word study merely points to a skillfull deceiver in the likes of Obama. Bush was just as wicked only he had a hard time lying. Barack Obama is what is known as a "paver" for the actual beast. Just like Javier Solana.
It's understandable that if you like putting up signs for Obama in your yard you would not want to think ill of him. However, that does not change the reality of the word study. Nor does it change the fact that Barack Obama is someone who would slit your throat in your sleep if he thought he could get away with it. Wake Up.

Chad Estes said...


"Nor does it change the fact that Barack Obama is someone who would slit your throat in your sleep if he thought he could get away with it."

Dan, you are seriously one unbalanced, dangerous, human being under the guise of being spiritual. It is a cloak of deception that has not covered your inadequacies. Seriously, Dan, get some professional help.

fisherofmen said...

Well thanx for not deleting that reply Chad. Maybe it was because you thought it would do me more damage because of the quote you refered to.
At any rate, the statement was meant to shock. Believe me it is true. You really should do some research on your governments plans of population control. Check out a great film called "The Obama Deception" by Alex Jones. He has also done some scathing documentaries on the Bush administration. Did you know that the so-called leaders of this nation meet to worship Molech in the form of an owl statue in the Bohemian Grove in CA.? The occult is rampant throughout the politics of our nation. It is really not a stretch to take the word study that your post refers to AS IT STANDS.
Why do you never address my actual statements, only my character? That is very bold of you Chad. I was unaware that as well as a perfect opinion on everything, God has given you the ability to see the motives of one's heart.

Anonymous said...

@fisherofmen, dude people become atheists because of nutjobs like you. Get a serious grip. Of course I am at Jesus or the Squirrel. What can i expect?

Anonymous said...

I love the spelling of "heigths" instead of "heights". Kind of damages the credibility of the whole mishmash. Such a pretense of being educated and they can't even spell.

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