Send a Buffalo to India for Christmas! Wait. What?

According to Christian Today:
British families have helped send buffaloes to impoverished families in India by meeting Operation Mobilisation’s challenge to spend less at Christmas.

The ‘Just Christmas’ campaign is the brainchild of an Edinburgh church and was first launched nationwide by OM in 2008 to great success. OM said several buffaloes had already been sent following the recent launch of this year's campaign.

The campaign encourages individuals, families and whole churches to rediscover the true spirit of Christmas by replacing gifts with practical acts of kindness and pooling the money that they save to bring joy and hope to a poor family.

This year’s campaign focus is to send buffaloes to oppressed Dalit families in India, who are often denied access to well paid jobs. They can sell the buffalo’s highly prized milk to gain some much needed income.
Wait a minute!
  • They worship cows in India, don't they? What will a poor family do with a buffalo? They certainly won't eat it. Maybe they can charge their neighbors to see the beast.
  • Have you ever tried to milk a buffalo? This impoverished family is just going to get tossed around from trying to milk them. Then they will have hospital bills on top of their poverty.
  • How again is this the true meaning of Christmas? God sends Baby Jesus to the Bethlehem and the British send bison to Bombay?


Anonymous said...

We actually had a family member send money to an organization that informed us that our Christmas gift was goats which were going to Africa. While this is a little more credible than milking buffaloes in India, it did not honestly seem like a Christmas gift to me. If someone wants to do that, then they should do that. Please do not call it my gift. Just tell me the truth: you decided not to get me a gift this year. P.S. Let me know before I go shopping.

Anonymous said...

The buffalos' mil is especially thick and creamy and will be a valuable source of income for India's Dalit people. These 'outcastes' are regularly denied access to all but the lowest and most menial jobs.

The origins of Christmas are of God sending his only son to to Earth - giving without receiving anything in return. Thus, these kind of gift ideas follow that example to help those who have the least.

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