You Get What You Pray/Pay For

From the files of Ministry Manipulation...
Real Ministers, Real Prayers, Real Results
Recent studies have indicated that the more people praying for the same objective, the more likely the Holy Spirit will perform the will of the people! The key to successful prayer is to ensure others are performing the same prayer and that those performing the prayer have a deep, spiritual connection with God. Our Prayers for You connects your prayer requests with ordained ministers who will devote the proper divine attention to your request. We guarantee our ministers will have a deep, spiritual conversation with God regarding your request.

Why do I need to donate for a prayer?
Our ministers spend their entire day conducting deeply spiritual prayers on behalf of thousands of people just like you! They live very modest lives so they do not ask for much. But your generous support allows them to continue helping others in times of need and crisis. Bless you for your support.

Where do I send my prayer request details?
After selecting your prayer request kindly email us at with the details of your prayer request, be sure to include your order number so we can properly match the prayer request.
How about all of the JoS readers pray that this pseudo-ministry goes as bankrupt as their theology? - Free!


Brandon Freeman said...

I'll second that prayer...yikes. Indulgences, anyone?

Cody Stauffer said...

Is this for real?

Chad Estes said...

Cody, how I wish it wasn't, but unfortunately it is a real site.

God help us.

co_heir said...

I'm surprised they don't have a $10 prayer for prosperity.

Chad Estes said...

Co Heir, that was funny!

co_heir said...

Actually, I was just over half serious. :)

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