James Dobson is pulling a Brett Favre

According to Christianity Today:
Dobson announced on his Facebook fan page that he will begin a nonprofit and radio show with his son called James Dobson on the Family, which will be based in Colorado Springs. Dobson wrote that the organization will deal with the following: marriage, child-rearing, family finances, medical and psychological concerns, national issues, the sanctity of human life, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
So to summarize:
  • Same host
  • Same platform
  • Same topics
  • Same media format
  • Same town
  • Same pleas for money
  • Just a different name
Dobson writes, “We are in a moral decline of shocking dimensions. I have asked myself how I can sit and watch the world go by without trying to help if I can.”

Well, Dr., if the retirement was a bad idea, why didn't you just go back to the ministry that you already have going? Why build a new one that competes with it? What aren't you telling us here?

The Purpose Driven Offering

According to the Orange County Register, Rick Warren asked his flock to cough up nearly $1 million in just two days to keep the church out of the red.

“Dear Saddleback Family,” begins today’s missive from Warren. “THIS IS AN URGENT LETTER unlike any I’ve written in 30 years. Please read all of it and get back to me in the next 48 hours.

“I have thrilling news to share with you below but first some seriously bad news: With 10% of our church family out of work due to the recession, our expenses in caring for our community in 2009 rose dramatically while our income stagnated. Still, with wise management, we’ve stayed close to our budget all year. Then… this last weekend the bottom dropped out.

“On the last weekend of 2009, our total offerings were less than half of what we normally receive - leaving us $900,000 in the red for the year, unless you help make up the difference today and tomorrow.”
Saddleback Church doesn't make public its financial records, but apparently it sends a letter when last weekend's offering didn't foot the bill.

Hey, at least he didn't say God would take him home if he didn't raise the money.

Jesus Kicked out of Court

Woman named Jesus Christ called for Jefferson County jury duty

By Erin Stock -- The Birmingham News

Jesus Christ was called for jury duty this week in Jefferson County.

Court officials were skeptical at first when on Monday a potential juror submitted a name change form with "Jesus Christ" on it. But the 59-year-old Birmingham woman, who previously went by Dorothy Lola Killingworth, assured the presiding judge that was her name.

"It raised eyebrows, so I asked her if that were truly her name," Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell said. "She assured me that it was. She had her name changed in the Probate Court, and she presented her driver's license."

Christ was sent to Judge Clyde Jones's courtroom for a criminal case. She was excused because she was disruptive, court officials said. Instead of answering questions, she was asking them, a court employee in Jones's office said.

Efforts to reach Christ today were unsuccessful.

Court administrator Sandra Turner said she and others in the jury assembly room were somewhat shocked at first when the woman insisted Christ was her name. And when her name was called, several potential jurors laughed out loud.

Unlike some Jefferson County residents, Christ did not try to get out of jury duty, Turner said.

"She was perfectly happy to serve," said Turner.