James Dobson is pulling a Brett Favre

According to Christianity Today:
Dobson announced on his Facebook fan page that he will begin a nonprofit and radio show with his son called James Dobson on the Family, which will be based in Colorado Springs. Dobson wrote that the organization will deal with the following: marriage, child-rearing, family finances, medical and psychological concerns, national issues, the sanctity of human life, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
So to summarize:
  • Same host
  • Same platform
  • Same topics
  • Same media format
  • Same town
  • Same pleas for money
  • Just a different name
Dobson writes, “We are in a moral decline of shocking dimensions. I have asked myself how I can sit and watch the world go by without trying to help if I can.”

Well, Dr., if the retirement was a bad idea, why didn't you just go back to the ministry that you already have going? Why build a new one that competes with it? What aren't you telling us here?


Anonymous said...

What he is doing is kicking Jim Daly the CEO of Focus On The Family right in his broadcasting nether regions. In an economy in recession and so therefore one where there is limited money from donors, all Dobson is doing is drawing cash out of FoF. I love it. He certainly knows how to hold a grudge. The battles on the airwaves in 2010 are going to be freaking biblical. I cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Dobson has run out of money. What a grifter.

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