Church Auctioning its Tiffany, Stained-Glass Window

The First Baptist Church in Brattleboro, Vermont, is planning to auction off its famed, stained-glass Tiffany window. In a vote of 20 to four, the members of the church decided they would rather have the $100,000+ they would raise by selling the window than keeping the historic image of St John the Divine that has graced the church for over 100 years.

Why? The church is raising funds for the continuing operations of their homeless shelter. They need the money to repair the leaking roof and to pay for the winter’s heating bills. Each night the shelter provides 30-50 people a safe place to sleep with a hot meal.

The church will reverse their vote and keep the window if they find other ways to raise the money.

In the meantime, Jesus has decided to put Tiffany windows in each of their heavenly mansions and St. John plans to meet each member of the church at the gate to personally shake their hand when they enter eternity.

Avatar - The Most Demonic, Most Satanic Movie

Mark Driscoll thinks the tall blue people are demonic. I think he was abused by Smurfs as a child.

Here's his rant.

Lose Weight with Jesus

Join the Gospel Groove Workout!

Andrew Koenig Dies, Kirk Cameron Preaches

Kirk Cameron on hearing about the suicide of his former co-star on Growing Pains.
"It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son. At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew's family."
Sensitive to the Koenigs? Actually, using his friend's suicide as a promotion for his evangelistic campaign isn't loving at all. Evangelism based on eternal security is fear based. It isn't good news and Jesus wouldn't have said this.

When his friend died, Jesus wept.

Is Your Child as Good a Christian as this 5 Year Old?

My five year old likes trucks and cartoons. So far he hasn't asked me to put an evangelistic video of him up on Youtube. I'm a lousy, Christian parent.

Pope Benedict says Jesus doesn't approve of Airport Body Scanners

This week while talking with a group of airport workers at the Vatican the Pope spoke out against the implementation of body scanners in airports that make people appear to be naked.
Even in this situation, one must never forget that respecting the primacy of the human person and attention to his or her needs does not make the service less efficient nor penalize economic management,' he said.
I have no idea what that sentence means.

He continued.
For you this reality represents an ever more task of complex organization and it is a labor that if often discreet and barely known, not always noted but which does not escape the eyes of God, who sees all of Man's works even those that are hidden.
I’m still clueless.

I’m not sure if he is offended at the suggestion of nudity or how horrible most people actually appear in their scans. Either way the Pope has little personal concern about being scanned in his robes. He flies on a private, Italian jet called “Shepherd One.”

Best New Christian Artist- Final Placement

Although they barely missed out on a Dove Award nomination for Best New Artist, Final Placement is still shining in all their Christian band goodness.

See if you can hear their attempt at crossing over into the mainstream market with their use of a riff from the Mary Tyler Moore show and some steps from Laverne and Shirley.

Top 5 Reasons Benny Hinn’s wife is filing for Divorce

The wife of televangelist Benny Hinn has filed for divorce from the high-profile pastor, whose reputation as an advocate of prosperity gospel has attracted millions of followers and criticism from lawmakers and watchdog groups over his lavish lifestyle.

Suzanne Hinn filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1, citing irreconcilable differences, after more than 30 years of marriage. The papers note the two separated on Jan. 26 and that Hinn has been living in Dana Point, a wealthy coastal community insouthern Orange County.

- AP News
Although divorce is a painful and private matter, in the same spirit I get from reading Benny’s website where he hawks Bibles for $250, sells Jordan River Water from “the actual place on the Jordan River where our precious Lord Jesus was baptized” and reminds people “to plant a seed-gift into the fertile soil of this ministry!” that I speculate on what went wrong with his marriage.

Top 5 Reasons Benny Hinn’s wife is filing for Divorce
  1. She was tired of Benny blowing on all those women.
  2. She was embarrassed by him wearing white after Labor Day.
  3. She was done with him practicing his methods of pushing people over on her between crusades.
  4. She was afraid he’d find out she produced the YouTube hit, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.
  5. Although Benny publically claimed his marriage was healthy, she never found any real proof to those claims.

Lindsay Lohan poses as Jesus

Now that Lindsay has posed as Jesus many Christians will be calling for Pontius Pilate to have her beaten.