Church Auctioning its Tiffany, Stained-Glass Window

The First Baptist Church in Brattleboro, Vermont, is planning to auction off its famed, stained-glass Tiffany window. In a vote of 20 to four, the members of the church decided they would rather have the $100,000+ they would raise by selling the window than keeping the historic image of St John the Divine that has graced the church for over 100 years.

Why? The church is raising funds for the continuing operations of their homeless shelter. They need the money to repair the leaking roof and to pay for the winter’s heating bills. Each night the shelter provides 30-50 people a safe place to sleep with a hot meal.

The church will reverse their vote and keep the window if they find other ways to raise the money.

In the meantime, Jesus has decided to put Tiffany windows in each of their heavenly mansions and St. John plans to meet each member of the church at the gate to personally shake their hand when they enter eternity.


shallowfrozenwater said...

fabulous. that's how it should be.

Brandon Freeman said...

That is most definitely Jesus.

Ryan Warren said...
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Ryan Warren said...

Your write-ups are far more than wow!

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