Help Jesus by Killing Policemen?

Crispin Schroeder wrote the following article on his blog about wrestling:
Today I came across a story about the FBI and DHS roundup of certain members of a so called "Christian" militia group named Hutaree that were planning to start killing policemen with justification of warring for Jesus. I checked the group’s website and was shocked by the amount of scriptures and scriptural justifications they use to defend their plans of violence in the name of Jesus. This seems particularly disturbing during Holy Week when, as Christians, we are reflecting on the week of Passover when Jesus willingly laid his life down to save the world. One thing that struck me as absolutely insane on their website was the quoting of the words of Jesus from John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” How does one make the jump from laying down ones life for friends to preparing to go on a killing spree?

Check out the rest of what Crispin has to share on the Hutarees.

Trust the Swayings and Sayings of Prophetess Brenda

Right now, in the 21st Century...The Lord sends me visions of what's to come, He speaks to me in dreams and when I pray He alerts me of His presence by swaying me. This blog serves as a meeting place to learn about what messages, miracles and warnings the Lord is currently sending before He returns.

Prophetess Brenda sees miracles, visions (her most recent being of a terrifying Pit Bull), and prophetic dreams like missles, horses and bumble bees.

But maybe most entertaining is that she also sees famous black people who have passed onto the other side. Her visitations have included Bernie Mac, Redd Fox and Sammy Davis Jr!

Here are some of the Prophetess’ recent Tweets:
  • I #pray that U will change your ways and #repent! To be #rebelliousafter all you've seen and heard would be #foolish.
  • Again I say, that every corner of the world will experience some heartache...The Lord is speaking & not enough ppl care> That's a problem.
  • This is not a lucky guess...#Jesus Christ Himself comes to me and warns me of what He will do next. #prophet
  • The Sunday Message: "Judgment Day"

Establish a New Christian Nation! Join "Christian Exodus" Today!

What do you do if you are fed up with our country, our culture, and corruption? Move to South Carolina of course! was founded in November of 2003 in response to the moral degeneration of American culture, and the rampant corruption among the powers that be. The initial goal was to move thousands of Christian constitutionalists to South Carolina to accelerate the return to self-government based upon Christian principles at the local and State level.
Why? Ultimately to form a Christian nation that will survive the apocalypse of judgment speeding down the road to the American Empire.
This project continues to this day, with the ultimate goal of forming an independent Christian nation that will survive after the decline and fall of the financially and morally bankrupt American empire.
What would you find when you got there? How is that working for you?
We have learned, however; that the chains of our slavery and dependence upon godless government have more of a hold on us than can be broken by simply moving to another State.
So, if starting a rebellion in South Carolina isn’t going to work, what will you do next?
As many like-minded Christian activists pursue independent Christian living without relocating, the scope has expanded to promote "personal secession" though many and various tracks, wherever they can be implemented.
Being in the world, but not of the world has really got taken to a whole, new level!
The long process of disentanglement from idolatrous dependencies includes such practices of moving towards a home-centered economy, with intentional community, home-schooling, home-gardening, house churches, health-cost sharing, private exchange, unlicensed ministry, and any other way in which we might live free and godly lives in Christ Jesus, without prostrating ourselves to eat from the hand of the imperial magistrate.
I was just saying last night to my wife that our pot roast tasted like it had been man-handled by a magistrate. I hate that.

Well, if you are looking to go camping with some masterful scripture twisting, fear-based, self-righteous, anti-establishment zealots, Christian Exodus might be the cruise to freedom for you. Just don’t look too closely for Jesus on that ship cause he’s all about moving to corrupt lands with religious toxicity, overrun by imperialist overlords. He didn’t seem bothered by it too much at all; instead he established his kingdom right in the middle of it.

Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

Found this video on Crazy Christian Clips.

I'm not saying that God didn't show up while they sang their little song. I think he loves his kids so much that he'd even show up when we gathered to play Pin the Tail on the Ass. Yet Jesus' healing presence at our circus events shouldn't be interpreted as approval anymore than his forgiving grace should be interpreted as a license to sin.

Stoning Whales and other Blubber Tales

Bryan Fischer, formerly a pastor in Boise, ID and currently working with the American Family Association had some critical comments of Sea World after one of their trainers was killed during a rare accident with a killer whale. Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old trainer with 16 years of experience at the park tragically drowned in an incident involving the trained killer whale, Tilikum (Tilly).

Fischer points the finger at “animal rights insanity” and the “ongoing failure of the West to take counsel on practical matters from the Scripture.”

If the counsel of the Judeo-Christian tradition had been followed, Tillikum would have been put out of everyone's misery back in 1991 and would not have had the opportunity to claim two more human lives.

But, the Scripture soberly warns, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn't kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal. To use the example from Exodus, if your ox kills a second time, "the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death." (Exodus 21:29)

If I were the family of Dawn Brancheau, I'd sue the pants off SeaWorld for allowing this killer whale to kill again after they were well aware of its violent history.

SeaWorld is apparently, however, unrepentant. Chuck Thompson, its curator in charge of animal behavior, says Tilly continues to be "a valuable asset not only from a breeding standpoint but from a behavior standpoint, too." Chuck might want to ask Dawn's Mom what she thinks about that.

Thompson did add, helpfully, "I think we need to evaluate his behavior and everything that's happened up to this point." You're about 19 years too late, Chuck, and the blood of Dawn Brancheau is on your hands.
So what do you want us to do, Bryan, sue Sea World or stone Chuck Thompson and his whale? How are we really supposed to take counsel on this practical matter from Scripture? Didn’t you just say we are in this situation because we weren’t following the biblical rules? Why draw the line now? You stated that Thompson had blood on his hands. What do you think you were implying?

Fischer, loving the publicity, but not wanting to be seen as madman, clarified in a second blog article that he didn’t think the whale should be stoned, but humanely euthanized without using rocks. He also tries to dodge his earlier retribution suggestions.
Also, and likewise bizarrely, I have been reported as calling for the owners of SeaWorld to be stoned, which of course I did not do either. I called for legal action against them to hold them accountable for negligently exposing an employee to life-endangering risk. Perhaps this additional note will reduce the level of unhinged bloviating on the internet
Actually, no it won’t Bryan. My unhinged bloviating is coming now, especially in light of your closing statement.
One unanticipated benefit of the mindless overreaction my blog has generated is that a lot more people know what's in Exodus 21 than did a week ago. I'm happy to serve humanity by increasing biblical literacy, one passage at a time.
If you think your unhinged Bible-study has been a helpful addition to Biblical literacy, I disagree. If you think people look at Christianity differently after your statements hit the news, they probably do, but unfortunately not in a helpful way.

Can I suggest you reread the passage where an adulterous woman was dragged before Jesus because by OT standards she should be publically stoned? Do you remember what Jesus did instead of picking up a rock? Do you think what he wrote in the sand might apply to your understanding of scripture. It sure impacted the religious scholars that day. You should follow their lead and silently slip away.