Trust the Swayings and Sayings of Prophetess Brenda

Right now, in the 21st Century...The Lord sends me visions of what's to come, He speaks to me in dreams and when I pray He alerts me of His presence by swaying me. This blog serves as a meeting place to learn about what messages, miracles and warnings the Lord is currently sending before He returns.

Prophetess Brenda sees miracles, visions (her most recent being of a terrifying Pit Bull), and prophetic dreams like missles, horses and bumble bees.

But maybe most entertaining is that she also sees famous black people who have passed onto the other side. Her visitations have included Bernie Mac, Redd Fox and Sammy Davis Jr!

Here are some of the Prophetess’ recent Tweets:
  • I #pray that U will change your ways and #repent! To be #rebelliousafter all you've seen and heard would be #foolish.
  • Again I say, that every corner of the world will experience some heartache...The Lord is speaking & not enough ppl care> That's a problem.
  • This is not a lucky guess...#Jesus Christ Himself comes to me and warns me of what He will do next. #prophet
  • The Sunday Message: "Judgment Day"