Jimmy Kimmel shines the light on Christian Protestors

spotlight_on_jesus A group known as "Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust" picketed outside Jimmy Kimmel’s studio.

The news report I read didn’t mention why they had targeted Jimmy. It could have been that they didn’t like his response to Tim Tebow’s Pro Life Superbowl ad. It could have been that he used to date Sarah Silverman who can be shockingly perverse. Or it could have been that they aren’t allowed to laugh at his jokes so they’d like him to be taken off the air.

Some of the members of Jimmy’s crew taunted the picketers and turned their commercial spotlights on them. The survivors claim to have been injured by the high intensity lights. Seems the protesters crave the spotlight but are burned when they get it.

Having not gotten the message that Jimmy and his friends don’t appreciate their presence the group has now demanded an apology and decided to renew their protest to the front of the studio.

Maybe this is a just a clever way to turn the other cheek. Hopefully they can even out their tans.