Drive Through Divine Intervention

WCNC TV station from Charlotte, NC recently posted the following video of Pastor Jonathan Richardson and his drive up prayer ministry. They titled the piece “Would you like God with that? Drive through offers prayer.”

My favorite part of the story though are the comments:

Would you like God with that. What a STUPID, disrespectful, irrevant headline. You've done some dumb things WCNC but this is about the dumbest!


What an interesting ministry? I love this. There should be more of these. We need more prayer in this country. That is what is wrong with it.

I do have to say WCNC, that headline sucks.


This is not a stupid headline, some might actually find it inspiring, and if you don't agree then you have the freedom not to read it. I would love to know where some you saw food in the article? In any event, this church is trying to make a difference, and I praise them for that. Taking religion completely out of it, how many of you out there are trying to make a difference in your community, in any form or fashion?


Yes mirrorimage, it IS a stupid headline. Equating God with an order of fries. If you don't get it you're not too bright. Their calling it a drive thru as in McDonalds. And asking if you'd like God with your burger??? That's blasphemous. Only an idiot would write a headline like that.


This was predicted years ago, because sheeple have been living in a drive threw religion for years. Only looking to religion when it feels good, & rejecting it when it pleases them. Come to my aid god because I oder you as a supper sizer need.


The commenters definitely need some prayer – drive in or otherwise.