Funding Missions through Stud Fees

toby_the_horse_01_t640 Once Jesus paid his taxes from a coin found in a fish’s mouth. Jim and Sharon Borgeson, of Baldwin City, KS believe that Jesus is funding missions through their horse Toby. But instead looking for this gift in the horse’s mouth, this seed money is coming from Toby’s stud fees.

"The Lord tells us in Scripture, behold, I'm doing a new thing, and sometimes it doesn't look like what we're accustomed to." – Reverend Bob Giffen, the Borgesons’ Pastor.

$400 of each $550 stud session goes to the charity “The People’s Horse Inc.” with the remainder going to the breeder.

The Borgesons themselves have worked as Toby’s agents in Nicaragua. This fall, the Borgesons will head to the country for the fourth time, this time to supervise the building of a church there paid for with Toby-secured funds.

Toby’s never gotten to go to Nicaragua himself, but this summer, a little bit of him will touch down there. A few months ago, the ministry was gifted a mare, named Red, by a Baldwin City woman. Red is now pregnant by Toby, and she soon will be headed to Nicaragua. There, she will give birth, and the hope is that another arm of the ministry will be born in Central America, thus continuing Toby’s legacy.

“We’re hoping that she has a son,” says Jim, getting teary-eyed just at the thought. “And his name will be ‘El Hijo de Toby,’ which stands for the ‘son of Toby.”

Though this sounds like a story from The Onion, it is actually quoted from the Lawrence Journal World and News.

I’m wondering if anyone will pay for The Squirrel’s stud fees if he gives 73% to Christian Charity? The JoS website could be turned into “The People’s Squirrel Inc.” I guess we’ll pray about it.