Modern Way to Plan a Traditional Church Wedding

cofe weddings There is no real reason for engaged couples to bother busy pastors with their nuptial negotiations any longer. Thanks to the Church of England’s new website (which draws a third of a million visitors a year) these couples can choose their wedding hymns, Bible readings, order of service, and personalized vows before ever meeting with a vicar.

The website is an effort by the Church of England’s ‘Weddings Project’ to get people back into church. Funny thing is, in an effort to get couples into the church buildings for a ceremony they are achieving less face time with the actual people of the Church.

The current top 5 popular hymns being selected by these couples are:

  1. Give Me Joy in My Heart
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. We Pledge to One Another
  4. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
  5. Jerusalem

#3 is a proper wedding song
#4 was written by St. Francis who was never married
#5 wonders if Jesus ever visited England and if not then they should probably have a crusade,
#2 is usually done at funerals
#1 is a Sunday School hit. At least it has a verse about the virgins having oil in their lamps until sundown. I guess this could be an appropriate wedding song.

Also, according to the Church of England:

  • A wedding is legal only if it happens between 8am and 6pm
  • More than half of young adults dream of marriage one day
  • You can get married in a CofE church whatever your beliefs
  • Marriage keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise
  • The Church offers family-friendly weddings for couples with children
  • You don't have to marry on a Saturday
  • You don't have to marry in white
  • Top reasons for choosing a church wedding are the venue, the vows and the Vicar
  • One third of all UK weddings are church weddings
  • The CofE will be at major wedding shows across the UK in 2010
  • Marriage is good for your sex life and actually provides more and better sex.