Sell Crazy Someplace Else

victoriajackson21 Victoria Jackson, of Saturday Night Live fame, must have gone to a few too many of the after-show parties.

On her recent rant against President Obama she invoked Old Testament scripture.

….I was reading in 1 Samuel 8 how Israel wanted a king and God did not want them to have a human king.  God was the King of Israel.  He gave them The Ten Commandments and other super smart laws, like not eating pork (it was not sanitary) and getting circumcised (prevention of disease), and ”an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” (crime prevention).  God wanted people to obey Him because He is the smartest leader and loves us the most.  But, Israel wanted a king really, really bad. A human King. God relented.

King Saul was elected. And it was bad for everyone.

This reminds me of America.  When God was the King of America we were blessed.  Our founding fathers  built our country on the Judeo-Christian foundation of The Ten Commandments and the presence of no human King. The colonists were escaping the human king of England, seeking religious freedom and they set up our Government purposefully to prevent the corruption of power;  thus, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of Government – all balancing out one another.  No one man in charge.  No human king.  King God was engraved onto our money, put in our pledge, and carved into our buildings in Washington, D.C.

But, as time went on, just like Israel, we gradually started to take His blessings for granted, and abandon His laws.  We kicked God out of the courts, the public school system, our families, and our personal lives.  So, now we had no King.  And we wanted a king really, really bad.  A human king.  God relented.

King Obama was elected. And it was bad for everyone.

She wrote this marvelous braid of scripture, history, and hysterics (read the rest of her diatribe here) while she was naked in her backyard. Tags: ,,