Watch TV the Way Jesus Does

doerstv According to Doer’s they are the Internet’s first true Christian Network. Their premise is simple- present the Gospel through free Christian programming (tv shows, reality shows, and movies).

They have 21 channels of material. But be warned, not everything is as it may seem.

  • The Women’s Channel is actually just filled with Beth Moore videos. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but Beth just doesn’t encompass all of Christian femininity, or at least I hope she doesn’t.
  • The Food Channel must be on a diet as there are no videos available. Maybe their are no Christian chefs.
  • The Christian Sports network also scores a big zero for being empty. Tim Tebow where are you?
  • The “”How To channel is limited to “How to Witness” featuring Kirk Cameron. I wonder how many Way of the Master graduates it takes to screw in a lightbulb?
  • Channel 4 is the Steven Wright School of Ministry. I thought that guy was the comedian who said things like, “I replaced the headlights on my car with strobe lights. Now it looks like I'm the only one moving.” Who knew he also did ministry training? I guess he always was a peripheral visionary.

If you click on the Power Button underneath their player you will find out how God had given them the Power to make the programming free. I clicked on it for you. It is a mixture of online advertising and a Christian home shopping network.

Yes, it is pleasant to have a Christian network that doesn’t solicit viewers for donations, charge a monthly subscriptions, or air fundraising telethons. Just wish they had something worth watching.