I’m a Chauvinistic, Church of God Chaplain

Pastor Robert Randolph loves his wife. He even buys her dresses, bras and panties. What he really loves is keeping her and other women in their place, which isn’t apparently in any leadership function of the Church of God.

“When a woman goes down they go down all the way!”

“God made man. He made woman for man. Took woman out of man. They should be our subordinates.”

“I’m not a professor… I know a little bit of Hillbilly and a little bit of Yankee, but I know the Word of God; I’m a Holy Ghost-filled preacher.”

“You women are wonderful, but you don’t deserve this.”

“We let them cut their hair, wear pants and now we are gunna give them ceegars and let them sit on the floor with us. NO! NO!”

This piece of work was found on JesusNeedsNewPR.