Burn and Rot in Hell!

Burn and rot in hell Have you ever been really, really glad that Rob Bell just doesn’t get it, because, the truth is, you are elated that there is a place where your enemies can burn for eternity?

Elizabeth Cucinotta, who loves to rant on the people and things she hates, is helping people vent their frustration by giving them a place to voice their ‘burns.’ Her website Burn and Rot in Hell lets people get all Lucifer on who they think deserves eternal punishment and why. Everyone from former Presidents, Fox News, and Glenn Beck are already procuring their burn votes.

It would be a good idea to see if your name has been listed on this website of wishful torment. If not, perhaps you will want to post your own burn in one of the following categories:

  • Husbands/Boyfriends
  • Wives/Girlfriends
  • Exes
  • In-laws
  • Relatives
  • Bad Friendships
  • Bosses/Coworkers
  • Bad Teachers
  • Bad Students
  • Celebrities
  • Sports
  • Rude People
  • Politics
  • Sex
  • Other Stuff

p.s. Cucinotta, a teacher at a Catholic prep school in Queens, lost her job for creating this site. I think they listed her under the “Bad Teachers” section.