Driscolls know better about Providing for your Kids

Women are built to be home with their kids… so that they don’t malign the Word of God.” – Mrs. Mark Driscoll

What exactly does scripture imply when it says a man that doesn’t provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever?

  • Can a man provide by taking care of needs at home?
  • Can a husband cook if his wife doesn’t want to?
  • Can a father home school if he has a better skill set at it than his wife?
  • Can a man work out of his home?
  • What does the scripture imply “providing” really is?
  • Is a man providing by being on unemployment between jobs?
  • Is a woman not providing appropriate things for her family if she has a job? Is God really maligned by this?
  • Can a woman have a job inside the home, or is that overstepping her biblically defined role?
  • Is it okay if a woman has a job as long as she takes her kid with them?
  • Does the Bible say the mother is always the best equipped parent to handle the various needs of her children?
  • What does a woman do if all her kids are in school? Volunteer at the local Mar’s Hill satellite?

Pastor Mark says, “If you want to have a good marriage, a good family, that honors God, you need to establish your home according to biblical principles.” And what he infers by that is the Biblical principles that he has interpreted as being right and wrong.

He has, after all, read the whole book.

I must have missed some things.