Have a Seat on Jesus’ Lap


This is sure to create more intimacy in your prayer and devotion time.

In other news, I love having the freedom to poke fun at things that are supposed to look like Jesus, or be about Jesus, but are really about something else. (I wasn’t allowed to post things like this when I was in “full-time ministry” even though we’d discuss it in our offices together.) And though I have no intention of shutting down this blog, I realize there are other conscientious bloggers who are quickly and consistently exposing this kind of religious bric-a-brac and hypocrisy on the blogosphere. I don’t feel the need to replicate things that they are already posting. A couple of the great ones you should follow are : JesusNeedsNewPR.Net and ChristianNighmares.com.

I think I will focus on the religious items that I really feel moved to write my own commentary about. It may be further are farther between posts, but they will be worth chewing on, like a great steak.

Thanks for your support and commentary along the way!