Hey Catholic Church: This Answers Nothing

priest-confessional The Roman Catholic Church put out another report, commissioned by our nation’s bishops, about patterns of clergy sex abuse in their churches.

They claim that the abuse was because of poor training in how to live a celibate life—not celibacy itself. They have already declared in a separate study that the reason the majority of the victims have been boys is not because of an all male clergy or homosexuality in the priesthood, but just because access to boys was greater than girls.

I recently read a book by a Catholic Priest who was a lot closer to the situation than I will ever be. He didn’t blame homosexuality for the abuse, but he had some pretty harsh things to be said against the celibacy requirement in the church—and it wasn’t about lack of training. Another charge that he made over and over in his book was about church cover-ups and turning the other way when the abuse was occuring. That’s what makes this next line from the AP news story so infuriating.

According to the report, only a tiny percentage of accused priests — less than 5 percent — could be technically defined as pedophiles. The authors of the study define pedophile as an adult with an intense sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

GOOD GRIEF! It seems we’re back to the “It depends upon what your definition of ‘is’ is.” If we define liars as those who lie, and murders as those who kill, then those who performed acts of sexual abuse on children and minors are nothing less than pedophiles, no matter how you dance around it.

Listen up, you red cloaked bishops; redefining pedophilia so that it doesn’t match the abusing actions of your priests solves nothing. NOTHING! It just makes us hotter under the collar. What we want is for you and your church to take a good, long look at your face in the mirror and then in the eyes of your victims. Get out from inside the safety of the boxes you’ve created and let’s see some real confession.