Is that a Cross on Your Dashboard?

Or are you just happy to see me?

PHALLIC-CROSS2 In England a taxi company was asked by the local council to remove a cross from one of it’s vehicle’s dashboards. Clair Cook, owner of AnD Taxis finds the reason “ridiculous.”

The problem wasn’t that the Roman Catholic driver was proselytizing the fares, it wasn’t because there was a religious ornament on display. No the reason that the teenage boy complained to the council was because he thought the miniature blue cross looked like a “fake penis” and was “very phallic.”

Unfortunately the council, in its zeal to protect the public from obscene material, passed on the complaint to the taxi company and the driver.

What should have happened is that someone should have put the 15-year-old boy back in a taxi and driven him to his doctor. If he thinks that blue cross is representative of a penis, he may require some medical attention.