An Angry Villager locks up Christian Bellringers

angry_scrooge According to a story at Christian Today

An elderly man fed up with the sound of church bells took drastic action on Sunday when he locked a team of bellringers inside the church where they were practicing.

The unidentified man climbed the steps to the belfry of Saint John the Evangelist, in Sharow, near Ripon, Yorkshire, and vented his anger on the six musicians, swearing at them and threatening to damage their cars.

He then proceeded to trap the group inside the belfry by wedging a piece of wood in the tower door.

They were freed around half an hour later by church member Sandra Price, who heard them banging as she locked up.

The bellringers had come up to Sharow from the south of England for the three-hour practice session.

A complaint has been made against the man but police said they are not investigating the incident.

Not investigating the incident? This blatant disregard of persecution against Christians is appalling. If we let this slide the villagers will start locking up other annoying Christians in their churches.

Then again I think Jesus uses the following bell curve himself:

  • 30 minutes of bellringing = worship
  • 1 hour of bellringing = novelty wears thin
  • 2 hours of bellringing = disrupts spiritual warfare
  • 3 hours of bellringing = annoys both Holy Spirit and neighbors