Devil’s Balls

Devils balls

Makes me rethink egg salad sandwiches… I love this summary of the book on

Summary: Are Your Children Playing With Lucifer's Testicles? is a Bible based book for Christian parents who by lack of faith can't afford to send their children to a decent Christian school.  Their precious youngsters are infected by the secular filth and lies being taught by unsaved teachers in America's public school system.

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The Real Housewives of the Bible

Yep, there is a TV show recreating famous housewives in the Bible set in a modern day context.


“There is a lot of drama in the Bible.”

The Last Supper UFO

The eclectic restaurant under the Morrison Bridge in Portland, OR known as Le Bistro Montage has a large painting of Jesus and the disciples eating the last supper there in the restaurant. Above Jesus’ head and to the right is an image of a UFO.