No Longer Welcome at New Welcome Baptist

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Fight Worth FightingThe Worship leader and the Senior Pastor weren’t getting along. The pastor didn’t like the Worship leader’s song selections, probably didn’t like his attitude and choice of foot ware either.

The Worship leader didn’t like the Senior Pastor either. Figured he should stick to teaching the Word and stop micromanaging the other ministries in the church, especially since he couldn’t carry a tune to save his life.

It all came to a head during communion, when Christian brothers are supposed to deal with their oughts against each other. Pastor Riley held out the grape juice to Worship leader Simone Moore but Simone wouldn’t take it from him. This caused Pastor Riley to get hot, cause Lord knows the refusal was nothing less than insubordination.

Pastor Riley decided to fire Simone after church the next Sunday in the presence of all the deacons. Simone decided to ask for his last paycheck with his mother, Agolia, as his witness.

"They owed him. He asked them for his money. That was the big thing right there, wasn't no more or no less," Agolia said.

That was when Deacon Hunt pulled out his knife and started slashing at people, hitting Agolia in the arm.

“Oh my god he done cut me!" yelled Agolia.

Simone, not one to watch his mother be attacked without fighting back whipped out his taser and zapped Pastor Riley.

Agolia, who required 19 stitches and a surgery says she know longer feels welcome at New Welcome Baptist Church and will look for a new place to worship God. Simone will look for a new job. Riley will look for a more affable worship leader. And Jesus will look for better representation in Prichard, Alabama.